Food Photography Workshop

Photogenic food ready for the taking: Tomorrow May 12th

Author: Pierce Morton

The astounding photography of Federica Piazza will be at your full disposal this Friday the 12th of May, as she runs you through some techniques and methods behind the most impressive forms of food photography. Beginning at 14:00, the workshop will move through the process of acquiring the perfect visual accompaniment to that which delights our taste buds. The first step of the workshop will be to grab your “food box” which has been provided by the environmentally, economically and all round friendly Foodsharing Copenhagen, along with additional props provided by us here at Materiale Centralen. You will explore the beauty of food and learn the intricacies of taking great pictures with natural light, all whilst you explore the world of upcycling and food sharing!

Throughout the workshop you will learn about storytelling, styling, scene composition, shooting, image processing and sharing, all through photography. Bringing together the ideologies of circular economy and sustainability this workshop will also be a wonderful chance to experience some of the work of Foodsharing Copenhagen and Materiale Centralen. And with the best picture to receive a delicious prize it can’t get much better than that!

The workshop will be held at 18 Vasbygade, 2450 in sunny Copenhagen, and will run from 14:00 to 20:00.

Check out the FB event here:

Materiale Centralen:
Foodsharing Copenhagen:


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