Collaboration and Creation

Materiale Centralen and Emergency Architecture & Human Rights: The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Author: Pierce Morton

Our partnership with Emergency Architecture & Human Rights (EAHR), so far, has involved various exciting and important projects. And currently, we are embarking together on a new project in Sydhavn. We are also collaborating with them on their stage construction and out door space for Kirkens Korshær Kompasset, an information service for homeless migrants in Nordvest, Copenhagen. As this project progresses we have had the chance to contribute on some of the building days for the out door space. After the building days at Kirkens Korshær we observed the potential of the group, and our potential at Materiale Centralen to assist in their projects.

Prior to this, we had the chance to meet some of the people within the group, Martina, Andrea and Anoop, at Materiale Centralen. EAHR came up with an idea of presenting their old, present and future projects in an exhibition. So, we had a day of gold digging together with some of the EAHR members and were able to find some old looking wood in our storage facilities, which would help to create a rustic atmosphere in the exhibition of their projects. The exhibition is currently at Verdens Kultur Centret, Nørre Alle 7, in Copenhagen, and we have been lucky enough to witness it and see the wonderful utilisation of our materials. If you have the opportunity, be sure to check out the exhibition of their many projects around the world, presented on the wooden materials supplied by us here at Materiale Centralen.

As our relationship continues to grow we hope to be involved in more projects with them, such as the current project in Sydhavn. We are working together on a swap shop at Sydhavn’s Kulturhus, which you will hear more about in the not so distant future as we continue to work together for a circular economy and for sustainable environments. If you also are interested in a sustainable world and would like to collaborate with Materiale Centralen send us an email at

Emergency Architecture & Human Rights


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