Mother Earth Day Festival

Yesterday was International Mother Earth Day and what better day to celebrate new life and sustainability.

Author: Pierce Morton

The Moder Jords Dag Festival was held yesterday at Verdens Kultur Centret in Copenhagen, and Materiale Centralen was among those who attended and contributed to the overall success of the day. Materiale Centralen provided materials for the festival, which contributed to some of the activities throughout the day. We provided wooden boards, green felt material and some smaller items for the day’s events; the gift circle being among them. In addition to this we also provided materials for the Moder Jords Dag association to contribute to the workshop spaces. The communal approach to the gift circle and the conversing of sustainable ideologies was both enlightening and warming. It was definitely something that we, at Materiale Centralen, are very proud to have contributed to.

With an incredibly wide range of organisations, performers and fellow earth lovers, the day allowed for a gathering of different ideas and perspectives. Considering the vast spectrum of festival-goers, there was an immense feeling of community and an unanimous goal for environmental sustainability.

Materiale Centralen provided some information about the work that we do to contribute towards environmental sustainability, and we were ecstatic with the connections that we made. So, if you spoke to us and were interested, please stay in touch. And if we missed you and you’re looking to collaborate on a project we would love nothing more. Send us an email and hopefully we can work together to reduce waste and celebrate Mother Earth the way she should be!


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