Ayurveda Massage Workshop

Reinvigorating the body and other old materials.

Author: Pierce Morton

This Sunday, April 23rd, Materiale Centralen is collaborating with Cesar Rodriguez, in hosting an Ayurveda Massage Workshop. The idea arose from the opportunity to provide an activity where people could come and visit our headquarters and simultaneously enjoy a revitalizing afternoon (from 15:00-19:00). Materiale Centralen’s hopes of breathing new life into old materials will be emulated through Cesar’s rejuvenating massage practices.

We have decided to change the regular environment of an Ayuverveda massage to the headquarters of Materiale Centralen, to create a different space and context in which we hope most people will find enlightening. Inviting new life into the body and soul is much like our organization’s ultimate mission. The massage session will symbolise the harmony that is present within the circular systems of reuse and upcycling, whilst providing you with some much needed relaxation before the start of next week.

So come down to Materiale Centralen at Vasbygade 26, in good old Copenhagen this Sunday, for some relaxation and some new life!


Check out the FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/312094052540397/



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